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My teaching method probably combines an ‘old school’ faith in the necessity (as I see it) of learning the grammar —  with an adventurous and creative exploration of ideas — the concepts that drive the world. Knowing the structure of any language (grammar and syntax) — although some students may occasionally find the process a bit tedious — ultimately liberates the learner to express complex ideas, even with a somewhat limited vocabulary.

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I am equal to the occasion in Business English, General English, and all of the main exams (SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, etc.) I have a very strong literary background (I publish blogs in both English and Russian) and plenty of experience in journalism (having worked for several American newspapers)


My Ph.D. in creative writing and British/American literature makes me very qualified to assist students with university dissertations, etc. I am an accomplished editor.

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Hello, may I introduce myself?  My name is Eric Le Roy and for the past 15 years I have been an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor. I hold certificates in TEFL and TESOL and have a Ph.D. In Creative Writing and English/American literature from Florida State University. I am a citizen of the United States and lived in the UK for seven years (so I am well-conversant with both British and American English. 

I have taught in China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, and Russia. I lived in Moscow for 10 years and have only recently relocated to a village near Varna in Bulgaria. I have continued with many Russian students via Skype and this has proved a successful medium for me and my students.

 As well as teaching I have written for an international blog for the past three years. So I would like to offer my services for any students, especially but not exclusively to Russian and Bulgarian people who would like to study English.

I have expertise in the following areas:
*   General English (all levels)
*   Business English (all levels)
*   Exam preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, and others
*   Editing of all kinds — for academic dissertations, prof. websites, etc.
*   Preparation for international job interviews
*   CVs, resumes, and personal statement letters
*   Anything having to do with journalism and/or the creative writing process 
My fee is very reasonable. (Skype lessons are always less expensive than face-to-face). I love literature, any kind of sport, history, and fitness. I am a great lover of animals and have as my best friends too wonderful dogs. I have a great wife who is from Russia. I hope very much that you will contact me to discuss how I might help you to advance your proficiency in the English Language.

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